Center for Professional Training

Continuing education, consultancy and project management.
Juin 2020

The Professional Training Center of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (CFP), known for its mission to build a bridge between the academic world and the professional world, has launched several activities for the year 2019/2020. The year has started with a training on Artificial intelligence: machine learning. Then it continued with a training on Leadership & communication as well as Scrum methodology that was provided to the staff of Equadis Company in Lebanon. The Center has done coaching sessions for companies as well during this year. Due to the pandemic situation, the Center had to drift its training to online sessions; it has launched many free webinars such as Lead in times of crisis and Leadership competencies for a brighter future. By the end of June 2020, a collaboration was signed between the Professional Training Center of USJ, the American Foundation for Educational Excellence and the International Foundation for Women's Empowerment, to launch 15 live webinars based on the subject of :"Re-engineering the future of Business, how to survive & thrive in today's new world". 15 live webinars series for an Executive Certificate in Leadership Not all these activities would have been successful without the help of the Alumni and their support throughout. They are the ambassadors of our trainings around the world. Their participation was more than 200 per webinar and this is such a great support for the Center and more especially it shows their loyalty to our University. Thank you to all USJ Alumni for your support!