Launching Doctorate in Biological and Medical Sciences - Public Health Track

Options: Leadership in Global Health and Health Management and Policy
Du 15 novembre au 31 décembre 2020

Across the world, health systems struggle to respond to the escalating cost of technology advances, the accelerating transformation of demand for care, and the need to move towards universal health coverage. In the Middle-Eastern Region, the double burden of the demographic and epidemiological transitions, the institutional weaknesses, the complexity of the competing funding and financing mechanisms and the contrasting vested interests of providers, professional groups and other stakeholders, constitute critical challenges to a rational, balanced health sector development in the public interest. Moreover, global health challenges in addition to complex emergencies and political instability in many countries of the region, make health institutions and the health system as a whole remarkably vulnerable and could lead to disastrous economic and human consequences.

In this context, USJ is launching the Dr.PH program which is a post-graduate program : 180 credits, 150 USD per credit. It aims at providing strong and practical leadership for high-level professionals at the institutional, national and international levels. The programme is designed to respond to the need for qualified health professionals in the EM Region, capable of assuming a leadership role at organizational, national, regional and global levels. It is based on a multisectoral approach cutting across global health, leadership and management and sustainable development to grasp the concept of social determinants of health to achieve SDGs and contributes to filling this gap for Lebanon and for the other countries in the Region.

Candidates will acquire governance and managerial skills for a leadership role within their institutions while interacting with major stakeholders in the health and social sectors. The program engages students in real leadership and health challenges. It combines managerial, public and global health competencies, and employs techniques in transformative learning to promote innovative solutions to health and social problems, to enable graduates to act as agents for change at the organizational, national, regional and global levels.