Microsoft vs. Sony

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are a great upgrade with little differences between the two, but did you check out the most affordable console offered from Xbox?
Lundi 21 décembre 2020

I interviewed some people about their opinion on three consoles and which one they prefer. Answers weren’t that different after all! One person said: “I really prefer the PS5 for different reasons like better gaming experience with better FPS rate, adding to this the fact that I have a PS4, then I can use the same account without losing my data and I’m used to the controller which is very different from the Xbox one.” Another mentioned that he may try the Xbox Series X but would not prefer it over the PS5.

I barely found two people out of ten that prefer the Xbox Series S and, if they can afford it, an Xbox Series X and the reason is that one of them owns an Xbox One and really prefers the way Microsoft manages its software and likes the controller design. The second mentioned a joke about the design of the PS5! So who’s right? Which of the consoles is better?

Starting with the PlayStation 5, it is capable of providing 4K resolution gaming at 60 frames per second and Sony says that you can easily go up to 8K or 120 FPS if you have the hardware to carry it, offering better graphics and better performance than the PS4. Faster loading is promised thanks to the SSD storage. Also,  a 16 GB GDDR6 RAM which means a fast and smooth experience with the latest RAM generation for both the PS5 and PS5 digital edition. The two editions offer 825GB of storage with AMD Zen 2 CPU and AMD RDNA 2 GPU. While Microsoft is keeping the controller pretty much the same, Sony added some changes to it. DualSense is the new name of the controller, it has a whole new shape, but the buttons are  basically at the same place. After a whole generation of Xbox One, Sony finally added haptic feedback to their controller. Additionally, the DualSense controller has a built-in microphone and USB-C port for charging.

Jumping to what Microsoft calls the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever, the Xbox X. It is true 4K Gaming that can go up to 120 fps, adding up to 8K High Dynamic Range with more optimized gaming and faster loading. Thousands of games from Xbox 360 and across all generations look and play best on the Xbox X. What does that mean? Well, no matter how old it is, you can continue playing every game you used to play on your old Xbox. It also comes with full 1 TB storage that can be expanded and 16 GB GDDR6 RAM. As for the controller, not much changed, the wireless lag was reduced, but the controller still uses AA batteries instead of built-in rechargeable ones. 

Xbox X and PS5 are both offered at 500 USD, with the Xbox having a slight better performance. Microsoft has announced that both series S and X supports Dolby Vision HDR and Atoms 3D while Sony has its own 3D Audio Tech. Latest news showed some problems concerning the DualSense controller but they can be fixed by a software update.

But if you can’t afford it at the 500 USD price range, well, Microsoft thought of you and offered the Xbox S series at a price of 300 USD, which is a very affordable price with the same 1TB storage, controller and all games offered, but with some little cuts to reduce the price. Could it be the best affordable gaming console ever?