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Domaine médical arabe - anglais

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of medical translation from Arabic into English. The primary goal is to equip students with the necessary skills to accurately translate various types of medical texts, including but not limited to medical reports, research papers, patient information leaflets, and specialized documents. Throughout the course, students will focus on developing a deep understanding of medical terminology in both Arabic and English, ensuring precision and clarity in their translations. Special attention will be given to the nuances of medical language, terminology consistency, and maintaining the integrity of the source text.

Temps présentiel : 15 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 50 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Examen final, Examen partiel, Travaux pratiques contrôlés

Ce cours est proposé dans les diplômes suivants
 Licence en traduction
Licence en traduction