New edition of the “Lebanon Economic Monitor – Spring 2023” by the World Bank

Spring 2023
  • Banque Mondiale

The Faculty of Economics at Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth hosted the launch of the new edition of the “Lebanon Economic Monitor – Spring 2023” by the World Bank.

This biannual report presents an overview of the Lebanese economy in terms of figures and economic policies over a period of six months. The Spring 2023 edition, entitled “The Normalization of Crisis is No Road for Stabilization”, is particularly focused on the ongoing recession that the country has been experiencing since 2019 and which, although at a decelerated pace, does not allow us to conclude that a stabilization is looming or even to hope for an eminent recovery in the absence of any policy of reform and economic recovery.

The event, organized on May 16, 2023 on the Campus of Innovation and Sports, was inaugurated by a welcoming note from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Joseph Gemayel; followed by the interventions of Mr. Jean-Christophe Carret, Regional Director for the Middle East at the World Bank, as well as Mr. Saadé el Chami, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers. Ms. Dima Krayem, Senior Economist at the World Bank, exposed the main conclusions and figures contained in the Spring 2023 edition of the LEM.

A round table was organized at the end of the event bringing together various experts in the economic, political and social fields and moderated by Mr. George Andréa, Assistant Professor in Finance at the Faculty of Economics at Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth : Professor Fadia Kiwan, Director General of the Arab Women Organization in the League of Arab Countries; Mr. Michael Young, Senior Editor,Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center; and finally Mr. Mohamad Faour, Assistant Professor in Finance, American University of Beirut.

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