Mission. Vision. Values

Saint Joseph University Dubai Vision

Saint Joseph University Dubai is backed up by the long history, the achievements and the large family of Alumni of its mother campus. With such deep-rooted heritage, the Dubai Campus is able to transform the potential of the Emirates and especially Dubai into competent human resources always on the path to success. As a private establishment with an educational and cultural nonprofit character, Saint Joseph University Dubai assumes a public mission of higher education, research, and continuous development.

Mission Statement

The university continues the mission of the main campus in putting knowledge in the service of the community. The university thrives to form graduates who are committed to critical and inventive thinking, to lifelong learning, to personal integrity, and to social responsibility and to foster links with its graduates. Established in Dubai in 2008, the university has been committed to contribute to the performance of higher education as a public service actively contributing in the national agenda of Emiratization. Saint Joseph University Dubai is also committed to become a reference in providing an excellent level of education, research and training in the field of Law, legal education, translation and other fields in the United Arab Emirates and to serve this country and be open to the regional and international levels.

Saint Joseph University Dubai values

Saint Joseph University Dubai is committed to:

  • Value Tolerance and Openness
  • Encourage Social engagement
  • Defend Freedom of thought
  • Embrace multiculturalism and diversity
  • Pursue academic excellence
  • Value respect and integrity

Strategic Objectives

    Strategic Objective A: TEACHING

  • Constantly adapt the academic programs to the needs of the market and the need of the students
  • Foster innovative and highly effective teaching and pedagogical methods

  • Strategic Objective B: RESEARCH

  • Increase students’ and faculty’s implication in research
  • Develop research

  • Strategic Objective C: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

  • Ensure an active participation of students in the community
  • Widen and reinforce the engagement towards the community

  • Strategic Objective D: OUTREACH

  • Attract students and retain them
  • Reinforce communication


  • Set a culture of Institutional research
  • Foster a comprehensive social dimension
  • Recruit and support faculty members acknowledged for their pedagogic competences and research
  • Streamline the management of human resources for a better productivity
  • Ensure the development of structures
  • Streamline the budget