Success Stories

USJ-Dubai Dr Nisrine Abiad

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Our graduates’ success stories attest that the School of Law of Saint Joseph University Dubai has undeniably become in 10 years a key player in the building of national generations of young legal professional elites, empowered to embark on the future and inspire other generations.

The school of Law has fully engaged in the community embracing the Emiratization agenda through feeding the market with highly competent and knowledgeable young Emiratis. Furthermore, and in an unprecedented move in the market, the Dubai School of Law is being constantly contacted by top organizations of the private sectors seeking keenly to employ its Emirati graduates for their strong reputations in the workplace.

On this occasion, we extend a sincere message of gratitude to his Highness the Ruler of Dubai who has given Saint Joseph University of Beirut his most valuable trust to educate his fellow citizens in the legal field. A tribute to a Leader who has not only set a Vision for an Emiratization agenda but also has created the means and the articulations for transforming the vision into reality!

Furthermore, we have requested a genuine feedback from few organizations that employ our graduates as to their performances, dedication, personality, maturity, knowledge and skills. We were overwhelmed with the response and take pride and joy in sharing the following untouched few quotes:

Shaikha is a hardworking person! She is a diligent worker who strives to give her best in all the matters she handles. She works independently, dealing directly with the client and with minimum supervision. Shaikha is a team player and shows willingness to take on extra tasks”. A. A. Head of Litigation; Al Tamimi & Co.

“Latifa possesses aspiration, skills and personality that allowed her to do extremely well in her different roles that she assumed in the firm. In addition to her role as a lawyer/advocate, she became a head of the case management team. In a very short time Latifa achieved the confidence of her subordinate as well as her supervisors and excelled in her roles. A. H. Managing Partner; Global Advocacy & Legal Counsel

 “Noora is talented, caring, dedicated, and focused in her pursuits. Noura is truly a stand-out individual who will impress everyone she meets”. M.A. Director Contracts & Procurements; Ministry of Education

Ameena has always shown her abilities to align with new processes and methodologies, I am sure she will be a great legal adviser. She has worked with different types of legislations and have shown a great ability to thrive”. M.A. Director; Legislation Directorate

“Ayesha’s attitude and work ethics are highly appreciated by all her superiors.  She is very pleasant to work with, motivated and eager to learn.  Her proficiency in both Arabic and English have been a big plus and are qualities that we look for in attorneys we hire.  In short, it has been a very good experience having Ayesha be part of our team”. S.S. Partner; Hourani & Associates

Finally, in our turn we would like to thank our graduates for their dedication to their studies to become the key players in the field of law. May success, passion for their work and happiness be their daily path and the one of our future graduates. Saint Joseph University Dubai is so proud of you!

Nisrine Abiad, PhD
Director – University Saint Joseph Dubai