Message from the USJ Rector

Rector Salim Daccache

Dear students,

The beginning of each stage of our human career triggers feelings of anxiety and hesitation about some of our decisions and orientations. Over the past year, each one of you has made a choice that sets your path. However, it remains fundamental to sharpen your commitments and turn them into opportunities for progress, growth, and success. Accordingly, Saint Joseph University Dubai would like to offer you opportunities of excellence and distinction.

The university is an institution where success requires listening and interaction in order to learn and acquire a professional, human, and social culture. Academic culture today, with its acquisition of skills and competencies, is an act of partnership between the instructor and the learner. The university is also a life environment in which we test our ability to live together as students, on the principle of mutual respect. It is also a premise that would qualify each student to live in the future as a successful practitioner and an active citizen.

The secret of success lies within each activity that you undertake: It is important to do the necessary to crystallize an academic community abundant in the spirit of an exhaustive and harmonious spirit formed by shared moral, social, citizenship and academic values that characterize our university; to give each one of you the opportunity to become a successful practitioner and an active citizen; to spread the spirit of innovation, the will of renewal and the ability to delve into all matters presented to you everywhere. The academic research and scientific work require us not to remain on the surface. This work does not require us to be satisfied with some inherited and well-known ideas but pushes us to overcome those ideas by deeply searching to find rich resources and broad prospects.

This latter feature is of particular importance. The distinction of our university is well-known; its title is Mutual Respect, Composure and Quality. Now you must adhere to your profession as students today. You must achieve yourselves scientifically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and that is one of the greatest achievements that helps you become the changemakers of this world.


Prof. Salim Daccache