Welcome to USJ!

Located in the heart of Dubai since 2008, Saint Joseph University Dubai (USJ) is the first international branch of Saint Joseph University of Beirut established in 1875 and is accredited in the UAE by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Saint Joseph University is widely recognized for its teaching excellence, research and programs. Sharing the same vision of the mother campus in Beirut to serve the new generations with their cultural and human development needs, USJ has taken part of the great project of the Emirate of Dubai to accompany and strengthen the urban and economic developments with cultural and academic developments. The languages of instruction are Arabic and English.

Bachelor of Law

The Bachelor of Law offered by Saint Joseph University Dubai is the perfect law degree for embarking on a career as a legal professional. The Bachelor of Law provides an in-depth knowledge of the field and examines the fundamentals and concepts of the UAE, UK, and Arab countries legal systems.

Master in Translation

The Master in Translation at Saint Joseph University Dubai is a program offered for bilinguals in Arabic and English. The curriculum includes the fundamentals of translation from English into Arabic and Arabic into English and caters for all needs and levels in a vast array of fields.

LLM in Business Law (Master’s Degree)

The LLM in Business Law at Saint Joseph University aims at providing solid legal knowledge and skills to students and legal professionals to boost up their careers in the corporate field.