Transfers to Saint Joseph University Dubai

Should the applicant wish the university to recognize his / her previous higher education studies or any practical experience, he / she shall submit (in addition to the documents required for enrollment) the following documents:

  1. Written request in this regard elaborating the studies and experiences that the potential student aspires to be recognized. The candidate shall attach the necessary documents to his / her request
  2. Certified copy of his / her previous higher education studies.
  3. Official academic transcripts obtained by the previous higher education institution
  4. Course descriptions of the previous program
  5. Curriculum Vitae reflecting the student’s academic and professional path
  6. A non-refundable fee of AED 1200 + VAT to study the applicant’s file

A student applying from another institution affiliated with Saint Joseph University Dubai or from another university shall apply for registration to the dean, vice, or the vice director of the school. Should the dean, vice, or the vice director of the school accept the application, the student file is submitted to the Evaluation Committee at Saint Joseph University. Upon the acceptance, the committee shall determine the number of earned credits, considering the “duty of prerequisites” if applicable. The number of earned credits shall not exceed 50% of the program credits.

Saint-Joseph University Dubai - Transfer