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Being an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial journey:

The entrepreneurial journey does not necessarily start with a project, not even with an idea. EC2 helps you find an idea and join a team. This is called the ideation step.

Then you have to turn this idea into a project. For this purpose, you have to learn about how to lay down your idea on a business canvas so you can identify all its components, how make the appropriate researches so you can write your business plan, even a basic version of it. At this stage, you have to learn the ABC’s of marketing and finance.

Workshops and coaching will be provided to enhance all these skills.

Then starts the coaching step, where EC2 will connect you to professionals who will coach you to finalize your project.

When your project reaches the final step, we help you prepare the final presentation to Berytech, which coaches you the start launching your business.

The entrepreneurial journey is nothing but work, excitement, empowerment and determination.

Whether your projects succeeds or not, you will have won an exciting and relevant experience.

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