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  • Is Entrepreneurship for you?

There is no specific formal education required to become an entrepreneur, you can start a business in just about any area. Although there are no prerequisites for becoming an entrepreneur, bear in mind that, to reach your goal, you have to be willing to do all the work, to devote yourself to your idea.

  • Mentorship : support for professional development

Benefiting from mentorship guidance is a bliss for an aspiring entrepreneur. A mentor transfers his knowledge, experience, insight to you. He coaches you and keeps you focused on your goal, anticipating problems, encouraging you and very probably making you benefit from his contacts.

EC² aims at establishing a network of mentors comprising bold entrepreneurs and leading innovators that are willing to support the development of the entrepreneurial culture by sharing their knowledge, experience and insights.

Alumni and friends of USJ are invited to join this network to provide students and young graduates with advice, guidance and access to their invaluable expertise and connections.