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Programs and activities

Creating my own business

It covers five main topics: Design Thinking & Innovation, Business Canvas Model, Business Plan, How to market your product and Financial Plan. Students with sustainable projects can benefit from several training sessions in order to improve their projects and ultimately present them to Berytech.

1st edition: May 9th

2nd edition: July 17th 2020

Junior Enterprise

The Junior Enterprise is only opened to USJ community members.

Most of the Lebanese ventures are suffering from the economic crisis. Many of them would be interested in entrusting a group of students to achieve and implement an innovative project that can be related to any field: IT, marketing, finance, HR, …

With the Junior Enterprise, ventures can benefit from a high level and low cost service and students can benefit from a first professional experience.

The ABC’s of freelancing

Many qualified people lost their jobs during the current crisis, in addition to the fresh graduates. Unfortunately, the Lebanese economy destroys jobs more than it creates.

Qualified people can benefit from the modern technologies so they can market themselves and work as freelancers or sub-contractors: translators, accountants, advertisers, filming professionals, digital marketers, etc.

The current program enhances the following skills:

  • How to define a market.
  • How to market yourself.
  • Basics of finance.
  • Digital marketing.

1st edition: July 17th 2020.
For registration, click here.

Entrepreneurial competitions

USJ took part in several entrepreneurial competitions, such as:

  • USJ Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Hult Prize
  • IAAF Awards
  • AUF