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Mr. Georges Chebli

Business Manager in an insurance company
Donation to the USJ en mission Campaign

Ms. Roula Ghostine Tuesday August 4, 2020, 6:08pm, apocalypse in Beirut. Hundreds of dead, thousands of injured, hundreds of thousands of displaced and our capital in ruins. How can we remain numb to this kind of tragedy?

How can I support my native country and particularly those who have lost everything? The answer came to me on Facebook through a video campaign of USJ en mission. Young volunteers giving their time and energy to organize, prepare, deliver and care for the people. I did not hold back for a second to make my small contribution.

My philanthropy can surely influence potential donors and encourage them to support the mission of USJ, during this serious economic crisis that is besetting Lebanon and its citizens. However, for me, it was not a matter of doing a communication campaign but of telling my friends and colleagues. Some of them asked me to give them the bank details of the USJ en mission and others made donations to the Red Cross or the Fondation de France.

Donors are more easily committed to concrete projects.