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Postgraduate Admissions Requirements – Master’s Degree

Postgraduate admission and registration requirements at USJ usually depend on two criteria:

• Your academic degrees
• USJ institution you wish to enrol in
Note: USJ admits students regardless of nationality, religion, or origins.

General binding conditions

First Condition: Baccalaureate

In order to register at USJ, you must hold the Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent recognized by the Equivalence Commission of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education and qualifying to enrol at the USJ institution of your choice.

Second Condition: Academic Degree(s)

Admission to a master’s program requires a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the major, this requirement may be combined with an interview, a file study or an entrance exam.

Your academic degree is subject to an equivalence study. The Equivalence Commission at USJ is consulted for study and verdict.

See details on diploma equivalencies

Program-specific requirements

Some USJ majors have specific requirements;

  • French proficiency test,
  • File study,
  • Interview,

Sometimes all three are required.

To find out the admission requirements for the master of your choice:

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Choose the major that interests you most and find out more about the admission requirements.