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Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university, founded in 1875 by the Society of Jesus. The University counts 13 Faculties (religious sciences, medicine, pharmacy, dental medicine, nursing sciences, engineering, law and political sciences, economics, business administration and management, humanities, sciences, educational sciences, and languages), 18 Schools operating under USJ Faculties.

Education is provided on Beirut campuses as well as at the Regional Centers: Center for University Studies of Northern Lebanon (located in Tripoli), Center for University Studies of Southern Lebanon (located in Sidon), and Center for University Studies of Zahlé and the Beqaa (located in Zahlé).

USJ manages a university hospital center called Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF). Medical students, interns and residents benefit from the clinical teachings in hospitals affiliated with or accredited by the Faculty of Medicine. The University also manages a Dental Care Center, a Center for Psychomotor Therapy, a Center for Speech Therapy, and a Center for Psychological Services.

USJ sustains several institutes and associations affiliated to it, including Berytech Technological Pole, the Health and Technology Pole (PTS), and the Research and Development Society.

USJ's mission encompasses three main dimensions: research through new knowledge creation, teaching through knowledge transfer, and service through using knowledge in the service of society. To carry out this mission, the University defines itself as an academic institution of French language and culture, which favors biculturalism (both Arab and French cultures) and trilingualism (Arabic, English and French).

USJ is equally accessible to all social classes and all communities and is dedicated to the service of the country and the region. It promotes, through teaching and research, issues of development and justice as well as questions on purpose. The University is also internationally oriented and is keen to benefit from the extraordinary potential of the network of Jesuit universities throughout the world. Its vision and mission are built around values such as the Jesuit Educational Philosophy, autonomy, collaboration, participation, freedom of conscience, political independence and social commitment. Combined with academic, professional and ethical excellence, and complemented by an authentic culture rooted in questions of purpose, USJ is dedicated to the progress of humanity.

In March 2019, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut received the unconditional accreditation by European educational accreditation institute ACQUIN

This accreditation is of significant importance for higher education institutions and it brings recognition and a plethora of benefits for USJ itself as well as for its students, graduates, teachers and partners in general. It strengthens the national, regional and international ranking of the university. Obtaining this label positively impacts the employability of USJ graduates as well as student mobility and institutional partnerships with universities and international organizations.