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Department of Student Life

The Department of Student Life oversees, develops and coordinates student’s activities with other entities: Pastoral Care, Career and Placement Office, Department of Sports… The Department of Student Life operates in three areas: Community Life Including clubs, student representative committees, students’ council and various activities such as the Welcome Party, Pandays, etc. Civic Life Regrouping the International Francophone Debate Championship, the Forum of Community Initiatives, parliamentary simulations, Volunteers’ Night, nterscholastic French Debate Championship, Humans of USJ… Cultural Life Consisting of cultural weeks, Daraj al Yassouiyeh Festival, Schools’ Talent Show, Campus-J (student newspaper), TedX-USJ, USJ-Verte, Cap and Gown Day, and other collaborations with cultural entities (cultural centres, theatres, associations, Agenda Culturel…). A club is a student organization that brings together students around a particular subject of interest, based on the principle of voluntarism. It aims to promote and coordinate student participation in recreational, social or cultural activities. Start your own club!

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Campus of Medical Sciences

Telephone : 01/ 421 000 ext. 2355
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