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Counseling Office

For years now, the Rectorate has made a Counseling Service available to students on all campuses. This service, which is part of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities, is intended for students who are experiencing a certain discomfort or who are facing psychological difficulties. It is provided by psychologists and psychiatrists. The Service has numerous objectives: - Offering a space for listening and reception that allows young adults to manage their anxiety through psychological support or medical treatment; - Offering students documentation that will enable them to find information adapted to their questions; - Organizing conferences on various topics related to student mental health. Students can make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist on the following number: 01-421000 - ext.5132 The Counseling Service is located on the Medical Sciences Campus.


Medical Sciences Campus
Damascus Road
PO Box 17-5208 Mar Mikhael
Beirut 1104 2020 - Lebanon

Telephone : 01/421 000 ext. 5132
Email :