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Sports Office

Department of Sports

USJ’s Department of Sports runs sports activities within the University and manages the University’s sports facilities.

Sports Facilities

To match the expansion of the Department’s activities, the University has equipped itself with modern sports facilities:

• The covered fields of the Campus of Sciences and Technology for all team sports.

• The Sports Center located on the Campus of Innovation and Sports. This center has a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a parquet flooring sports field, a fitness room, two squash courts and three multi-purpose rooms for martial arts, fitness, table tennis, fencing, etc.

Sports Selections

The sports selections are the flagship of sport at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. The elite of student athletes participates in local and international inter-institutional competitions, as well as nation-wide competitions.
The selection is done through try-outs held at the beginning of each academic year in Beirut's campuses and regional centers. The dates of the selection tests are listed at the beginning of the academic year as well as on the website of the University and the Department of Sports.

Athletic Scholarships

Members of the USJ’s sports selections can apply for athletic scholarships.

National Competitions

USJ’s sports selections participate in the championships organized by the Lebanese Federation of University Sport (FSUL). They also participate in local tournaments and in the University Sports Conference competitions – a high-level championship in various individual and team sports during which teams from eleven private universities compete.

International Competitions

USJ’s sports selections participate every year in international competitions organized by European, American, African and Middle Eastern universities. USJ’s team has never failed to make us proud.

Innovation and Sports Campus

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