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Faculty of Sciences- Branch of Northern Lebanon (FSN)
Laboratory of Biodiversity and Functional Genomics (BGF)

maître de conférence - Ph.D

(+961) 1 421 000 ext 0

Assistant Professor 


Expertise field

• Engineering and Technology, Sciences

Research topics

Neuroinflammation and Neurodegenerative diseases 
Behavioral Neurosciences : Learning and memory 

1.  Bouji  M., Lecomte A., Gamez C., Blazy K., Villégier A.S« Impact of cerebral radiofrequency exposures on oxidative stress and corticosterone in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease » Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease(2019). Nov;25. Epub. 

2.  Bouji  M., Lecomte A., Gamez C., Blazy K., Robidel F., De-Sèze R., Villégier A.S

« Neurobiological effects of repeated radiofrequency exposures in male senescent 
rats» Biogerontology (2016) Nov;17(5-6):841-857. 

3.  Bouji  M., Lecomte A., Hode Y., De-Sèze R., Villégier A.S« Effects of 900 MHZ 

radiofrequency on corticosterone, emotional memory and neuroinflamation in middle-
aged rats » Experimental Gerontology (2012) Jun;47(6):444-51. 

4.  Barthélémy A.§, Mouchard A.§Bouji M., Blazy K., Puigsegur R., Villégier A.S« Glial markers and emotional memory in rats following acute cerebral radiofrequency 
exposures» Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. (2016) Dec;23(24):25343-25355.

Behavioral Neurosciences 

Human Anatomy 
Animal Physiology 
Advanced Cell Biology 
Functional Biochemistry
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