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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics, one of the four scientific departments of the Faculty of Sciences, is primarily responsible for the teaching of physics for undergraduate and graduate students and for providing training for and through research by supervising PhD theses. The Department is composed of about twenty teachers, including five full-time professors, visiting professors and various professionals. It supports three research groups: Biophotonics, Atmospheric Environment and Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean and Radiotherapy. In addition, the Department has nearly sixty students divided between the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. The Bachelor's degree in Physics (180 ECTS credits) provides theoretical and experimental education in the main fields of physics. Thanks to its diversified teaching, it prepares students for the master's degree programs. At the Department, three Master's degrees (120 ECTS credits) are currently offered: - The Master's degree in Physics: Sensors and Instrumentation (PCI) is a joint degree program with Université de Bretagne Occidentale - France. Its main fields of application are medical devices, food industry, electromechanical industry, electronics and others. This master's degree also opens the way to experimental and theoretical research in many fields of physics and guides students towards a career in higher education and research after obtaining a PhD thesis. - The Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management (SGE) is primarily oriented towards environmental quality and control. Graduates can work as experts and consultants in environment and sustainable development, known as eco-advisors. - The Master's degree in Astrophysics (AST) is a joint degree program with Notre Dame University (NDU). It aims to train young candidates for fundamental research functions as well as research, development and innovation. It leads students towards a career in higher education and research after obtaining a PhD thesis. You can find details on the courses provided by our Department, on the teachers and their fields of expertise, on our research activities as well as other useful information on this site. Happy browsing!

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