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Department of Life and Earth Sciences

The Department of Life and Earth Sciences: Biochemistry was founded in 1997 at the Faculty of Sciences of Saint-Joseph University at the Campus of Sciences and Technology in Mar Roukos. Today, the department includes 50 professors, seven of whom are full-time professors and 10 visiting professors. It assists three research groups: the Laboratory of Biotechnology, the Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology and the Laboratory of the Genomic Characterization of Plants. With about 200 students enrolled in a Bachelor's degree, 50 in a Master's degree and 4 in a PhD program, the Department of Life and Earth Sciences: Biochemistry is a prime location for training and research in fields as varied as Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Animal Physiology, Plant Biology, Plant Physiology, Ecology and Geology. Professional training is also provided by the Department, thus presenting young graduates with certain opportunities for those who wish to enter the job market directly. After the Bachelor's degree in Life and Earth Sciences: Biochemistry (180 ECTS credits), which is a multidisciplinary and versatile program, two Master's degrees are available. The first is a Master's degree in Functional Genomics and Proteomics (120 ECTS credits) oriented towards a career in higher education and research after obtaining a PhD thesis. The second is a Master's degree in Biology and Marketing Techniques (120 ECTS credits) with a focus on the sector of companies marketing chemical or biological products or products with a high biotechnological content. You will find details on the courses provided by the Department, on the teachers and their fields of expertise, on our research activities and other useful information on this site. Happy surfing!

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