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Innovation and Sports Campus

The Innovation and Sport Campus (CIS) of USJ was inaugurated in 2011 after 6 years of work. It is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by the National Museum, the Courthouse, the French Embassy, National Security, the French Cultural Centre, etc. This newest USJ campus is equally striking for its architecture and its concept. The campus is composed of 3 buildings covering 57,000 m2 of total area and 600 parking spaces; it is equipped with solar panels and adapted for people with reduced mobility. The structural choice of the whole complex has been designed to create new relationships with the city in a monolithic style. A central space frees the inhabited volumes from any geometric constraints and offers students a warm and personal environment. A massive staircase connects the central space and the landscaped roof designed as a second, larger and more spacious ground floor, housing the cafeteria, the walkway, the Chapel and the swimming pool. The campus community: Building A - Museum of Minerals (MIM) - Institute of Physiotherapy (IPHY) - Biomechanics Laboratory - Sports centre (sports ground, gym, swimming pool,...) - Department of sports - Research and Development Company (RDS) Building B - St. Joseph's Daycare (GSJ) - First aid room - François S. Bassil Auditorium - Students area - Campus Administration - Institute for Occupational Therapy (IET) - Institute of Psychomotor Therapy (IPM) and care center - Higher Institute for Speech and Language Therapy (ISO) and care center - Department of Information Technology (STI) - Department of Publications and Communications (SPCOM) - Federation of Alumni Associations - Chapel - Canteen Building C - Refectory - Pastoral Care - MANSER Chair - Library - Faculty of Economics (FSE) - Classrooms - Health and Technology Pole (PTS): administration, 12 laboratories and 1 research unit. - Cafeteria - Canteen Address: Damascus Street P.O. Box 17-5208 - Mar Mikhaël Beirut 1104 2020

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