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University Observatory of Social and Economic Reality

The Observatoire Universitaire de la Réalité Socio-Economique (OURSE) is a research lab, founded in 2003 by Université Saint Joseph. Its vocation is to become a pole of reference in knowledge production in Lebanon, especially in analyzing the socioeconomic development of the Lebanese society and its recent trends, as well as anticipating and forecasting its future evolutions.
OURSE is an interfaculty structure, linked to the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Management. It provides monitoring and foresight on the major issues of socioeconomic development in the Lebanese society, in all its dimensions, particularly: education, health, employment, demography, migration and socio-economic inequalities.
Since its foundation in 2003, the OURSE has published local research and large-scale national and regional socio-economic surveys, focusing mainly on topics such as: the future of graduates, the professional integration of youth, migration and remittances of the Lebanese diaspora. OURSE also aims to assist different researchers and research centers in the conception and execution of their research projects, by identifying and collecting available information, and by producing, exploiting and disseminating original data.
Research Axes
Axe 1: Labour, employment and the future of graduates - Mme Choghig Kasparian
Axe 2: Globalization, migration and Lebanese diaspora - M. Leonel Matar et Mme Rosette Sayegh
Axe 3: Poverty, inequality, and social justice - M. Nizar HARIRI et Mme Jacqueline Harfouche

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