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Center for Muslim-Christian Research and Documentation

The Center for Muslim-Christian Documentation and Research (CEDRIC) is affiliated to the Institute of Muslim-Christian Studies (IEIC). Its objectives are to: a- Constitute a documentary collection that encompasses everything that pertains to relations between Muslims and Christians throughout the world: events, thoughts and studies that cover Islamic-Christian dialogue in all its forms as well as the common declarations that arise from it. b- Archive and make this documentation available online to researchers, students and anyone interested in the field. c- Manage the hiwar.blogs website specializing in Muslim-Christian dialogue, providing appropriate documentation and organizing activities to promote the dialogue. d- Prepare specific reports on the situation of dialogue, for example on the state of religious pluralism and on important events or themes. e. Collaborate with other documentation centers specialized in Muslim-Christian relations or in religion. f. Prepare colloquia: Figures of Dialogue (April 2011) and soon in collaboration with PLURIEL: Islam and Otherness (April 2020). g. Conduct research and publish: - Currently, a team of researchers is working on a project called: Theological Perception of the Other and Crossed Perspectives in a Religious Plural Context. Comparative study of university teaching courses on religious pluralism and dialogue in Lebanon. - The center is also working on the publication of a research on Protestant theology faculties and the teaching of Islam, to be published in June 2019. - It is also working on a book by Abbas El Halabi, to be published in June 2020. Research axes Theology of religions, Islamic-Christian relations, Religious education, Analysis of religious discourse. - Ms. Roula Talhouk

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