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Research Unit: Technology and Nutritional Value

The aim of this RU is to pool research themes with direct and indirect links to food technologies and to share human and technical resources of the Faculty of Sciences (FS) in the quest for excellence in the fields of agri-food and the valorization of co-products of the food industry. The URTVA brings together professor-researchers, contributors and FS PhD students. The research activities carried out within this unit are the result of strong collaboration between the members of the laboratory and a mutual transfer of knowledge with foreign laboratories and universities. The mission of this RU is to carry out research to address the issues arising in the food industry and in the field of the valorization of co-products from this industry. The synergistic work of researchers in Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Bio-optics and Biochemistry will enable them to tackle multi-disciplinary and multi-scale themes. All the activities of this RU are carried out in two laboratories (two main axes) with six complementary themes. Research Axes The TNV Research Unit houses two laboratories: I- Laboratory of Characterization and Transformation of Agro-resources Director: Mr Richard MAROUN Research themes : Theme 1: Intensification of Industrial Processes (IPI) Theme 2: Kinetic Study in Heterogeneous Environment (ECMH) Theme 3: Characterization of Bioactive Molecules (BMC) Theme 4: Mycology and Food Safety (MSSA) Theme 5: Optical Imaging in Diffusing Media and Applications (IOMD) II- Laboratory of Metrology and Isotope Fractionation Director: Mr. Toufic RIZK Research topic: Isotopic and Metabolomic NMR for Food Authentication (RIM2A)

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