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Center for Arab Christian Research and Documentation

CEDRAC is a research center at the Faculty of Religious Sciences of Saint-Joseph University whose aim is to highlight the Arab Christian heritage, in the religious and cultural fields, through various scientific activities: conferences, seminars, congresses, and publications. Arabic literature is generally little known among the literatures of the Christian East. From the eighth century onwards, Christian Arab thought (theological, philosophical, exegetical, spiritual, etc.) developed in harmony with Muslim thought. This thought has the benefit of still being widely understood by the Arab public today. It is ecumenical in nature, since all the Christian communities have participated in it, and the texts often travel between communities. These Christians have made a very significant contribution to the creation and development of Arab civilization, particularly in medicine, pharmacopoeia, science and philosophy. CEDRAC achieves these objectives by training researchers, offering them work opportunities, and publishing their work in order to build up an Arab Christian library. The revival of the cultural dimension of this heritage could strengthen a contemporary common project of Muslim-Christian society. Research axes Axis 1: Establishment of the critical edition of the most important Christian Arabic works. Axis 2: Study of the Uniate period (16th-18th century) to track the spread of Antillean and anti-Western attitudes and to highlight the intellectual awakening that the presence of the Latin missionaries stimulated. Axis 3: Make the basic works of Georg Graf (GCAL) and Joseph Nasrallah and Rachid Haddad (HMLEM) more accessible to scientific research.

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