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Chair of “Fondation Diane” in education for Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development

The Chair in Education for Eco-citizenship and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) was created by the Diane Foundation in September 2015 at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. This Chair aims at introducing the issues of eco-citizenship and sustainable development to the mindset, practices, decisions, values and behaviors of every Lebanese citizen, in order to become an interdisciplinary platform of reference for eco-citizen awakening and education for sustainable development. Its mission is to raise awareness, educate and provide knowledge on the themes of eco-citizenship and sustainable development in order to train responsible citizens and leaders through 5 intervention schemes: - Education/training in schools, municipalities, universities, public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations. - Raising awareness through conferences, seminars and competitions. - Research through the organization of and participation in national and international scientific conferences, the management of research projects, the supervision of internships and dissertations and the awarding of PhD scholarships. - The management of environmental and citizen projects. - National and international cooperation and partnerships. Research axes : - Axis 1: Digital literacy for education for sustainable development Axis 2: Governance in sustainable development

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