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Career and Placement Office

The Career and Placement Office (SIP) is a department of the USJ Rectorate. Its main mission is to help students and fresh graduates, as well as USJ Alumni, to develop a professional project, to enter the job market or even to embark on a new professional field.

To this end, the SIP has set up a system to facilitate access to employment for students and fresh graduates and to prepare them for this challenge. This system consists of:

  1. A compilation of job and internship offers, including ones from abroad, and disseminating them to students and alumni via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and the Alumni Federation platform.
  2. Free professional integration training provided by recruitment professionals, on campus or online.
  3. Individualized advice to students.
  4. The development of partnerships with professionals, aimed at easing students' path to internships.

In 2019, the SIP and the Faculty of Business Administration and Management launched the Competencies and Entrepreneurship Center EC2. In collaboration with Berytech, EC2 offers training and coaching programs to help students and alumni who wish to create their own businesses.

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Medical Sciences Campus
Damascus Road
PO BOX 11-5076 – Riad el Solh
Beirut 11072180

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