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Center for Modern Languages

To outline the history of the Center for Modern Languages (CLV) of the Faculty of Languages and Translation (FdLT), we must go back to 1977, when the Center for Modern Language Studies (CEL) was born. The CEL was for a time affiliated to the Faculty of Humanities, and then to the Institute of Languages and Translation (ILT) in 1980, which at that time housed the School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut (ETIB), the Centre for Arab Research and Studies (CREA) and the CEL, combining two disciplines: languages and translation. In 2012, the Faculty of Languages (FdL) was created and the CEL merged into the various services it provides. Then in 2016, the CLV emerges as an entity within the FdL (which becomes the FdLT in 2018), still alongside the ETIB and the CREA. The CLV is the language department of the University. Its activities fall into 4 main categories: modern language teaching (Armenian, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and Turkish), training of trainers, language research (research center with work streams and theses, development of teaching materials and tests) and language publications. The teaching units (EU) are intended for both USJ students and the general public. Research Axes Axis: Languages and Interculturalism - Mrs Nadine Riachi Haddad

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