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School of Architecture of Beirut

The School of Architecture has a global approach to a transdisciplinary profession that combines direct intervention in space with a critical approach to conceiving the world. 

This teaching brings architecture back to its vocation as a profession at the service of the city and its users, focusing on the socio-political, environmental, and economic context. 

The objective is to prepare students for anticipating and adapting to changes in the profession, and to respond to the key challenges of the 21st century, essentially on the growing impact of construction on the natural environment while understanding and including the cultural, symbolic, functional and political dimension into their approach, conception and professional practice.
Organized over five years, corresponding to a total of 300 ECTS credits, the trilingual education ends with the preparation of a "Final Year Project" (PFE) consisting of a Research Thesis and an Architectural Project in order to award an Architecture Diploma, in accordance with Lebanese legislation and the requirements of the Order of Engineers and Architects.


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