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Lebanese Center for the Study and Research of Construction

The CLERC (Lebanese Center for Studies and Research of Construction is a research center in the field of civil engineering constructions and equipped to provide services and tests on the materials of civil engineering: concrete, steel, floors , aggregates, rocks and stones.It is an integral part of the Higher School of Engineers of Beirut (ESIB) whose activity falls under the guidelines of Decree No. 3665 issued by the Ministry of Higher Education dated February 03, 1987. CLERC has been ISO 9001 certified by AFNOR since 2004 and has been equipped with the new ISO 9001-2015 standard since October 2017; The main activity of the CLERC laboratories mainly consists of: the testing of civil engineering materials, the reception of students from the civil engineering department and the mechanical engineering section in practical work sessions, and finally providing assistance to researchers assigned to CLERC, in the assembly of laboratory tests related to their research work.
Research Axes
Axe 1: Steel structures - Mr. Fadi Geara
Axe 2: Dynamics of structures - Mr. Fadi Geara
Axe 3: optimization of the Constructions maintenance - Mr. Wassim Raphael
Axe 4: Creep and shrinkage of concrete, reliability and statistical methods - Mr. Wassim Raphael
Axe 5: Soil rheology, Soil Dynamics, Landslides - Mr. Muhsin Rahhal
Axe 6: Petroleum geology, Geophysics, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering - Mr. Muhsin Rahhal
Axe 7: Homogenization and composite Failure - Mr. Fouad Kaddah
Axe 8: Damage and Fracture Mechanics - Mr. Fouad Kaddah
Axe 9: Operational Research and Systems Identification Methodes - Mr. Rafic Faddoul
Axe 10: Transport and Road Safety - Mr. Wassim Raphael

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