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Doctoral School of Health and Science

The EDSS was established in 2002, following the initiative of Reverend Father Sélim ABOU, with the aim of promoting research and enabling students to prepare their PhD in Lebanon, in a spirit of interdisciplinary openness. The EDSS aims to be a school, composed of researchers, teacher-researchers and PhD students, creating both a community and a research dynamic within USJ. Postgraduate training consists of research-based training focused on research and innovation. It is a professional research experience. It can also help to build an international career, specifically with the international dual PhD degrees.

Affiliated institutions

In collaboration with the relevant institutions, the EDSS offers the following diplomas:

Faculty of Medicine

- PhD in Biological and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Dentistry

- PhD in Oral Biology and Materials

Faculty of Pharmacy

- PhD in Nutritional Sciences

- PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Faculty of Science

- PhD in Life Sciences

Established in

Medical Sciences Campus
Damascus Road
PO BOX 11-5076 – Riad el Solh
Beirut 11072180

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