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Institute of Occupational Therapy

The Institute of Occupational Therapy is the latest addition to the Faculty of Medicine and works closely with the Université de Montréal.

The occupational therapist is a health professional who is called upon to help people with disabilities or with deficiencies in or loss of functional autonomy. His/her goal is to maintain, acquire, and restore human occupations in a safe, autonomous, and effective manner, and therefore to prevent, reduce, or eliminate people’s disabilities – taking into account their lifestyles and environments.

This profession complements existing healthcare professions at USJ. It meets the demand of the labor market.

Training at the IET is a double-pronged program: on one hand, the academic target that is oriented towards mastering scientific skills in acquisition and research, and on the other hand, the professional target that is oriented towards the clinical competencies of care and rehabilitation.

Emphasis is placed on the practical learning of rehabilitation and readjustment approaches. A large part focuses on analyzing interactions between the person and his/her occupation and environment in order to work towards optimal autonomy.

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