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Enseignant Cadré - Maître de conférence - PhD

Faculty of Dental Medicine (FMD)
Cranio-Facial Research Laboratory (CRFL) (LRCF)

(+961) 1 421 000 ext

• PhD in Biology and Materials of the Oral Environment• PhD in Biology and Materials of the Oral Environment
• Biology and Materials of the Oral Environment,
• Attestation de stage
• Attestation de stage
• Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS)

Medecine and Health

Craniofacial Research Laboratory

·        Léa Lahoud1, Paul Boulos2, Daniel Kahalé3, Ezio Gheno4, Stefano Benedicenti4, Mônica Diuana Calasans-Maia5, Marco Bonelli Bassano4, Antonio Signore6, Ayad Dawalibi7, and Elie Nasr8. Fracture load of a new Fiber-Reinforced Composite and Zirconia Frameworks in All-on-Four Prosthesis in three different cross sections: A comparative In Vitro Study. Accepted in The International Journal of Prosthodontics IJP-2023-174- (8816) Publication in progress.

·        Anne-Christelle Makhlouf1, George Hanna2, Michèle Makhlouf3, Elie Zebouni4, Amine El Zoghbi5, and Elie Nasr6. Evaluation of Diverse Digital Impression Systems on the Three-Dimensional(3D) Fit of All-Ceram CAD/CAM Crowns. SVOA Dentistry ISSN: 2753-9172 April 18, 2023

·        Muriel Dib1, Elie Nasr2. Dental Anatomo-morphology within forensic odontology. Publication in progress.

·        Dalia Abou Saad1, C salameh2, Elie Nasr1. Perception of smile aesthetics among dental students at different levels of education. Odonto-Stomatologie Tropicale (Tropical Dental Journal) June 2023, vol. 46, no 13-23

·        Antonio Afram1, Anne-Christelle Makhlouf2, Paul Boulos3, Elie Nasr4. Accuracy of digital vs conventional implant impressions for an "all-on-four" treatment concept. Odonto-Stomatologie Tropicale (Tropical Dental Journal) September 2021, vol 44 pages 13-23

·        Abdel Sater E, Kazour F, Mhanna A, Azar J, Choueifati A, Nasr E, Richa S. Dental health and its predictors among chronically hospitalized patients with schizophrenia and related disorders in Lebanon. Psychiatry research (APA) USA (in progress).

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·        Anne-Christelle Makhlouf1, Elie Nasr2. Study of the bond at the Zirconia/Feldspathic ceramic interface. Journal of Dental and Maxillofacial Research vol (1): 1-6, 2018

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·        Techkouhie A.Hamalian1, Elie Nasr2, José J.Chidiac3. Impression Materials in Fixed Prosthodontics: Influence of choice on Clinical Procedure, Journal of Prosthodontics 20(2011) 153-160