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Faculty of Medicine

I- Pre-doctoral medical studies:
Since 2003-2004, medical studies have been organized according to the ECTS European model, which divides university studies into three levels:
- The undergraduate Bachelor’s level, which usually requires six semesters – students must register for 30 credits per semester.
- The graduate Master’s level, which usually requires four semesters – students must register for 30 credits per semester.
- The postgraduate Doctorate level, consisting of one year of non-resident studentship and another year of hospital training (in hospital services), paired with theoretical lessons and the preparation of a research dissertation.

II- Post-doctoral studies:
Post-doctoral education is organized by the CEPD (post-doctoral education committee). This ensures training in the different medical specialties in accordance with the provisions of Lebanese law, and it culminates in a diploma issued by the Faculty.
Students enroll after succeeding in a competitive examination process that takes into account the students’ pre-doctoral medical school grades, the exam that usually occurs in June of each year, and internship assessments.

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