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Institute of Psychomotor Therapy

Psychomotor therapy is a type of bodily approach intended to act on disrupted mental, behavioral, or psychological functions through the body.
It is a profession of care that focuses as much on the diagnosis as on the treatment of the disorder. It is also part of the prophylactic framework.
Professional practice is divided between two fields of action: one preventive, and the second curative, either in situations of individual or collective care for people of all ages.
The field of application thus falls within the mental health framework, at the level of psychomotor disorders.

Places of intervention:
Keeping in mind the developmental and preventive target, the exercise takes place in nurseries and schools.
Because of the re-educational and therapeutic aim, the exercise takes place within two contexts:
The institutional context, which implies:
- Hospital establishments (childcare, pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, and geriatrics),
- Specialized education centers,
- Readjustment and rehabilitation centers for adults and children,
- Establishments for the elderly,
- Medico-psycho-pedagogical centers,
- and vocational support centers. The liberal context in private practice.

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