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School of Engineering in Beirut (ESIB)
Center for Research and Analysis (CAR)

maître de conférence - Eng., PhD

(+961) 1 421 000 ext 3443

Throughout my years of experience as a Junior faculty member, I gained significant teaching expertise in the fields of Process Engineering and Biochemistry. My career-long previous achievements can be summarized: • Research specialist, technical staff in a European project with many published papers in international peer-reviewed journals. • Co-inventor of 3 patents and holder of the LIRA award, in the waste management field. • Industrial consultancy, and entrepreneurship expertise from laboratory to market.

Expertise field

• Engineering and Technology, Sciences

Research topics

Extraction processes (electrotechnology, ultrasound, infrared, etc.)
Drying processes (atomization, etc.)
Nanotechnology and cosmetology
Smart packaging and nanotechnology
Biomass valuation
Crystallization processes


polyphenols, ultrasounds, microwaves, infrared, CEP, HVED, extraction, drying, atomization, cosmetics, nanotechnology, packaging, biomass.


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Polymer science
Composite materials
Design of process equipment
Innovative extraction techniques
Heat transfer
Experimental optimization
Practical work of operations
Practical work of process engineering
Cellular biology

• Prix d'innovation accordé dans un congrès.