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« Shut down the GAP » : Laptop for H.O.P.E

Tuition fees are not the only costs associated with education; the learning journey also involves vital tools such as laptops.
Students were unable to purchase new laptops or even repair their old ones owing to the gradually increasing currency devaluation. Generation H.O.P.E. launched the “Shut Down the Gap: Laptop for H.O.P.E.” Campaign to mitigate the crisis’ widespread effects.
More than 120 laptops were donated. The IT Department of the University was able to repair 80 of the donated laptops and saved the remainder as potential sources for spare parts.
Do you want to donate your old laptop? We know a fellow student who needs it.

USD 250 Solidarity Contribution

Generation H.O.P.E. has raised enough funds in one year to help 126 students by covering up to USD 250 in supplemental tuition fees. This would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our engaged and loyal Alumni.

Today, our goal is to collect 74 solidarity contributions of USD 250 each.
If you want to H.O.P.E and provide other students the opportunity to pursue their university studies at the same university they first enrolled in, Click here.

By donating to Generation H.O.P.E., you are helping us weave a philanthropic culture among our peers

*Donations are tax-deductible in the United States of America because Saint Joseph University Foundation Beirut Inc. is a registered nonprofit organization.