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Research at USJ

Research at USJ was born with the foundation of the University. USJ offers its research professors and students important resources and services on its various campuses across libraries, platforms, laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and research centers. The Vice-Rectorate for Research and the Research Council, as well as administrative staff, are dedicated to guide and support researchers. The Ethics Committee supports and guarantees the conditions in which research is carried out at USJ.
The overall mandate of the Vice-Rectorate for Research is to oversee all of USJ’s research activities, as well as the development, promotion and influence of research at the University.

Our objectives are to:

  • Give a better readability to the research;
  • Stimulate research and collaborative initiatives within the University's priority areas and to define the priority research axes in each institution based on its needs;
  • Speed up the growth of research laboratories by improving the efficiency of research activities, encouraging young research professors, and providing technical and administrative support for the laboratories;
  • Promote the development of unifying themes between different institutions of the University and federative research structures by scientific field;
  • Coordinate the research, development and scientific exchange efforts of professors and researchers spread across all campuses and working in centers, laboratories, chairs;
  • Establish higher education and research environments that meet the highest standards of scientific and academic excellence, as well as the needs of the University, Lebanon and the region;
  • Foster the advancement of graduate schools;
  • Foster the advancement of high-level training for PhD candidates in graduate schools;
  • Uphold the national importance of laboratories as reference laboratories for both public and private bodies and seek to have an international profile;
  • Create and strengthen relations with industrial research and the socio-economic world;
  • Rigorously apply the policies and rules governing the proper conduct of research with the University Ethics Committee.


Key Figures of Research at USJ:

  • 27 laboratories
  • 18 centers
  • 1 unit
  • 1 research space
  • 3 observatories
  • 7 chairs
  • 1 tissue bank
  • 5 graduate schools
  • 497 PhD candidates
  • 400 research professors
  • 1 University Hospital Center - Hôtel Dieu de France
  • 12 affiliated hospitals


5 disciplines, which cover most of the research fields in:

  • Savings, Management, Banking and insurance
  • Law and Political Sciences
  • Arts, Letters, Human Sciences and Religious Sciences
  • Medicine and Heath
  •  Engineering Sciences and Technologies



  • USJ: 59%
  • External (grants): 41%


80 Doctoral scholarships:

  • 36 USJ
  • 29 USJ CNRS Liban
  • 5 AUF / USJ / CNRS Lebanon
  • 10 CEDRE


3578 Publications

By domain:

  • 2297 Medicine and Health
  • 920 Science, Engineering and Technology
  • 165 Economics, Management, Banking and Insurance
  • 42 Law and Political Science
  • 154 Arts, Letters and Human Sciences, Religious Sciences


5 Doctoral schools

  • Doctoral school - Law and political science
  • Doctoral school - Human and social sciences
  • Doctoral school - Economics
  • Doctoral school - Sciences and health
  • Doctoral school - Science, engineering and technology


71 Partners

  • 23 National Partners
  • 48 International Partners


The Vice-Rectorate for research:

The vice-rectorate for research has the general mandate of guiding all University’s research activities, as well as the development and promotion of research at the USJ and its international outreach.
A Research Office: at your service, to support, direct and advise you at all stages of your projects

Two units attached to the Research Vice-Rector:
1- Research development and technology transfer unit
2- Unit for setting up scientific, European and international research projects