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Financial Aid Office

Year 2022-2023

Social grants: $8,546,884

Interest-free loans: $491,930

Total: $9,038,814

More than 50% of USJ students receive financial aid.

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Financial Aid

Our financial aid program allows any student to manage and secure the budget they need to cover their tuition fees.

The aid is based on the financial means of each family: the greater the financial need, the greater the aid provided.

Depending on your social and financial situation, the Social Services assistant offers you one of the following options:

Social Grants

Social Service grants are given to students experiencing social and personal difficulties in addition to financial constraints.

Interest-Free Loans from USJ

An interest-free loan is provided by USJ to help the student cover a portion of tuition fees.

Repayment is made over a period equal to the years of assistance. The student benefits from a one-year grace period after the expected date of graduation.

Free tuition deferment

Usually, tuition is paid in four yearly installments. The student may ask to split the amount to be paid over 8 to 10 months, if his or her situation justifies it.


  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Fill out the application form in full and submit all required documents.
  3. Email the 2 PDFs (form and documents) to
  4. The social assistant will contact the student to follow up on the request within 10 working days or less.
  5. An in-person or online interview on Microsoft Teams is held on an appointment basis with the student to provide an answer regarding financial aid or to complete the file if necessary.
New Students Enrolled Students
Deadlines Regular Admission Late Admission Continuing 1s time applicants for the 2nd semester 24-25 Master
10 June 10 July 10 June 10 July

Renewal of financial aid

Students who are already receiving financial aid (be it a grant from the Financial Aid Office or an USJ loan) will benefit from an automatic renewal of their financial aid for 24-25.

Additional donation-based grants are one-time grants and may not be renewed.

To benefit from any form of financial aid, students must meet the conditions of regular attendance, attend class and exams, and make steady progress in their studies.