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Center for the Religious Fact Studies and Interpretation

Symposium 2012: Religious rituals: from sharing to compartmentalizing (published in the annals of sociology and anthropology) Symposium 2014: Religion, between universality and particularity. In the process of being published. Previous publications: Religious spaces in Lebanon (2008) Raffi Gergian: The Armenian Churches of Lebanon (2011) In the process of being published: Two monasteries of Mount Lebanon: Mar Chaya and Mar Challita. Symposium project for 2015: Figures of female holiness in the Near East and North Africa. 4 research projects are being carried out.
Research Axes
Axe 1: Analysis of the religious phenomenon through the human sciences - F. Thom Sicking
Axe 2: The link between religion and territory - F. Thom Sicking
Axe 3: Comparison between religious traditions - F. Thom Sicking 

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