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Day 7 Operation

Activity cells ( involving institutions, faculties of USJ, Hôtel- Dieu de France Hospital and Berytech Technological Pole) aim is to operate on a voluntary basis. Therefore the Day 7 Operation ( Opération 7ème jour) trains the USJ students to become active citizens and change makers for the development of Lebanon.

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Activities of Day 7 Operation

Joe Hatem - Coordinator
+961 1 421 000 ext : 2309
Medical Sciences Campus - Building A - 1st floor


Steering Committee of Day 7 Operation

Dr Grace Abi Rizk - President

Wehbeh Farah
+961 1 421 000 ext : 3374

Liliane Barakat
+961 1 421 000 ext : 5303


Intervention areas - O7 O7 Cells Faculty / Institution Head of the Cell Email
Health and Human Development Medecine Faculty of Medicine Grace ABI RIZK
Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy Diane ANTONIOS
Nutrition Faculty of Pharmacy Nathalie YAGHI
Nursing Faculty of Nursing Mariana ABI AAD EL KHOURY
Dental Medicine Faculty of Dental Medicine Joy Elian HAYEK (el)
Midwives School of Midwifery Nayla DOUGHANE
Physiotherapy Institute of Physiotherapy Rose ROCCA FARAH
Psychomotor Therapy Institute of Psychomotor Therapy Gemma GEBRAYEL MATTA
Speech and Language Therapy Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy Salma SAAD
Public Health Higher Institute of Public Health Marianne Mousallem NAOUS
Psychological care Faculty of Humanities Myrna GHANNAGE
Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital Fadi HINDI
Sport Department of Sports Maroun KHOURY
Citizenship and Human Rights
Eco-citizenship South Lebanon Campus Dina SIDANI
  North Lebanon Campus Fadia Alam el GEMAYEL
  Zahle and Bekaa Campus Chantal Saad Hajjar
Law Faculty of Law and Political Science Youmna MAKHLOUF
Culture and Heritage Tourism Tourism Faculty of Humanities Liliane BUCCIANI BARAKAT
Dialogue and mediation Mediation and conflict resolution Professional Mediation Center Eliane MANSOUR
Library Social Sciences Library Leila RIZK
Architecture, Environment and Urban Planning Environment Faculty of Sciences Wehbeh FARAH
Reforestation and Biodiversity Faculty of Sciences Magda BOU DAGHER
Agro-sustainable development School of Agricultural Engineering for Mediterranean Countries Beirut Yolla Ghorra CHAMOUN
Education and social development Audiovisual Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies Jean GEBRAN
Social Development Lebanese School of Social Work Rita CHOUCHANI HATEM
Education and teacher training Faculty of Educational Sciences Sonia CONSTANTIN
Childhood and education Lebanese Institute for Educators Roula ElMurr OUJEIMI
Religious Education Higher Institute of Religious Sciences Père Rami Wakim
Languages and Translation School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut Claude WEHBE
Fashion and creativity ESMOD - High school of arts and fashion design Antoine KASSATLY
Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Technology National Institute of telecommunications and informatics Youssef BAKOUNY (el)
Engineering School of Engineering in Beirut Jihane RAHBANI
Business Administration and Management Faculty of Business Administration and Management Layal BOU ANTOUN
Business Administration Institute of Business Administration Michel EL ESTA
Economics Faculty of Economics Joseph GEMAYEL
Insurance Sciences Higher Institute of Insurance Sciences Myrna BOU CHAHINE



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Campus of Medical Sciences

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