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Research Unit: Mathematics and Modeling

Mathematical modeling has gained significant importance over the last few decades in all fields of science. Its importance lies in the wide range of possible uses, especially in applied science. The research activities of this unit focus mainly on the use of mathematical modeling in structural and fluid mechanics, vascularization, radiotherapy, stochastic processes and Monte Carlo methods. The general process of modeling and numerical simulation begins by translating a given phenomenon into a system of mathematical equations, often in the form of partial differential equations. This step requires joint work between mathematicians and researchers specializing in the relevant field. Then, a theoretical study of compatibility, existence and possible uniqueness of the solution is necessary to confirm the mathematical relevance of the system of equations being considered. The exact solution sought is usually difficult to express, especially in the context of complex models. Numerical simulation is therefore used, starting with a choice or development of the numerical method to be adopted in order to be able to approximate a solution. The consistency of the approximate solution obtained requires an elaborate theoretical study of the error made in relation to the exact solution based on the applications and models studied. The last step consists in validating the proposed method by comparing the approximate solution with existing benchmarks or with practical experiments. This Research Unit strengthens the skills of its teams in their fields of expertise. It motivates them to broaden their studies to new, practical and interesting uses on a national and international scale. The research activities carried out within this unit are the fruit of strong collaboration between the members of the laboratory and a mutual transfer of knowledge with foreign laboratories and universities. The research work within the RU is grouped in the Mathematics and Applications Laboratory (LMA) under four themes. Research Axis The MM unit houses the Mathematics and Applications laboratory. Director: Mr. Toni Sayah Theme 1: Structural Mechanics (MS) Theme 2: Fluid Mechanics (FM) Theme 3: Numerical probabilities and stochastic simulation (PNSS) Theme 4: Numerical modelling and applications in radiophysics (MNAR)

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