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Center for Diagnosis, Therapy and Research in Speech and Language Therapy - South Lebanon Branch

Setting up, validating, and using, within the framework of clinical research, the tools and protocols for evaluation, intervention, and parental guidance for different communication disorders in oral and written language and in voice and swallowing problems in children and adults, so as to help in the understanding of pathological mechanisms and lead to effective evidence-based practices.
Research Axes
Axe 1 : Assessment of oral and written language in multilingual contexts - Ms Guillemette Henry
Axe 2 : Intervention protocols for communication and developmental oral and written language disorders in multilingual contexts - Ms Edith Koubba Hreich
Axe 3 : Speech-Language Therapy (SLT) and Public Health : developing prevention tools targeting language and communication development in multilingual environments-SLTs’ framework of intervention in the Lebanese context - Ms Camille Messarra


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South Lebanon Campus