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Phares Zoghbi Cultural Foundation Library

The Phares ZOGHBI Cultural Foundation Library includes the collection gathered by Mr. ZOGHBI throughout his life as a lawyer and humanist. Founded back in the fifties, this collection has been growing and expanding in fields for which this great humanist has fought for and keeps on doing so, i.e. the dialogue of civilizations and the meeting of cultures: the only way towards a finally reunited Lebanon. To defend these values, Mr. ZOGHBI obviously turned to the French language, feeling that he had found his way through the values that the French language conveyed. In the eighties, this bibliophile entrusted a specialized team with the task of organizing his collection, occupying all the floors of his house in Kornet Chehwan, according to the standards of French libraries in order to respond more efficiently to the needs of researchers. This rich heritage was further expanded in the nineties by other contributors who entrusted him with their books, which he added to a library that was gradually turning into a reference in humanities and social sciences. On May 30, 2002, Mr. ZOGHBI donated his library to the Faculty of Law and Political Science, ridding himself of what gave his life meaning, his books. This was a cultural event of great significance for USJ, which added 40,000 books and more than 300 publications to its collections, thus providing its students with an important space for research, dialogue and exchange. Inaugurated on November 14, 2003, it has since welcomed its readers in the tranquility of the Lebanese mountains, in Kornet-Chehwan.

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