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Center for Economic Research and Documentation

The Center for Economic Research and Documentation (CEDREC) is a center affiliated to the Faculty of Economics (FSE or the Faculty hereinafter) of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ or the University hereinafter).

This Center aims at promoting all the projects and research work of the Faculty's instructors-researchers, Master and PhD students, and of any researcher interested in the Center's research themes. These are defined by the Faculty and deal with current issues concerning the Lebanese economy and its regional and international environment.

This Center also contributes to the production of knowledge through the organization of educational events (seminars and workshops) or scientific events (symposiums and conferences) as it can also carry and manage its own research projects in collaboration with other entities within or outside the University.

The research axes:

Axis 1: Economic Conditions and Social Economy - Siham Rizkallah
Axis 2: Economic Behavior and Digital Transformation - Roula Moujaes Ghostine
Axis 3: Banking and Financial Economics - Georges Andréa

Kindly refer to the CEDREC Bylaws

The CEDREC Scientific Board:

The Dean of the Faculty: Joseph Gemayel
The Director of CEDREC: Loubna Alsaghir Oueidat
The Director of the Doctoral School: Rosette Ghossoub Sayegh
The Faculty Delegate for Research: Jean-François Verne
An instructor at the Faculty / Head of a research axis: Roula Moujaes Ghostine



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Telephone : +961 (1) 421 000 ext. 6755
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