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Laboratory of Human Nutrition

The main activity of the research center is the study of nutrition/ physical activity/ health/ biomonitoring on a population from USJ (ENASB-USJ). This would lead to the establishment of potential links, in this population, between eating habits, physical activity, and the presence of environmental pollutants in the blood on the one hand, and the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes on the other.
Research Axes
Axe 1: Study of the determinants of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Lebanese population: Nutrition - Physical Activity - Persistent Organic Pollutants - Ms Mireille Harmouche Karaki
Axe 2: Levels of PCB, Organochlorine Pesticides, Dioxins and Furans in fetal blood, maternal blood and human milk of lactating women recruited in Hotel-Dieu de France and other hospitals of Beirut and Mount-Lebanon - Mr. Khalil Helou
Axe 3: Fatty Liver - Ms Nicole Sayegh

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M. Khalil HELOU

Innovation and Sports Campus
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