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December 1st 2020, a day to inspire generosity

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From November 30, till December 4, 2020

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Professor Christiane Ferran, FM Alumna, Receives the First Blavatnik Therapeutics Challenge Awards

Professor Ferran’s project will receive $1 million over two years to advance type 1 diabetes research efforts.

“Duty of Remembrance”
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Memorandum of Understanding to equip the USJ Archives Room









Covid-19: Preventive Measures Guide

The safety of the USJ Community is the responsibility of each of its members.

The implementation and compliance with all the guidelines set out in this document by each and every member of the USJ Community is imperative to optimize the safety and protection of all.

Administrative and academic work (apart from teaching) will be done on site while respecting social distancing and natural ventilation inside each office.

If this proves to be impossible, the presence of staff members and full-time teachers of each institution will be done on a rotational basis with the prior approval of the head of department.

Access to the campuses is restricted to students, faculty members and staff of the University, as well as guests from outside the University invited to attend meetings.

The presence of students can be scheduled, when necessary, under the following conditions:
• Get the prior approval of the head of the institution.
• Avoid gathering more than 20 people per classroom.
• Record attendance each time to ensure traceability.

Anyone returning from a trip to an endemic region must confine themselves for a period of 14 days and not come to the University before the end of this period.

Rector’s Message to USJ Alumni

À vie - First annual file

September 2018 - December 2019

Message from Student Life Department Coordinator Gloria Abdo

Established as an independent department in 2016, Student Life Department now has a formal structure and a clear identity. It looks forward to working with students, actors of their own future, innovators in their own environment and activists in their own way.

The Student Life Department has defined its 4 pillars and values: living together, democracy, citizenship and solidarity, which guide it every day towards a better future for students and a broader sense of the university’s work; the alma mater of students.

The main focus of SVE’s work is on community, civic and cultural life, and it runs projects and activities with students to ensure a better quality of life and university life in a process based on skills and social development.

Its specificity: intramurals taking on a national character. That is to say, the impact at the individual level in the life of students which can and will lead to a better communication and belonging to the university in the long term as well as to the development of the citizen cosmos. We are proud of the tools developed so far with students at the community and civic level. All this to instill common values and healthy dialogue with those who are involved and in contact with SVE.

The cultural aspect of our mission, however, takes on another form of commitment to the students, I would also say another mission: to nurture their talents! Talent is a force and a means to be entertained, to grow and to be creative. For young people, it is an inner strength and for those who haven’t discovered it yet: cultural life is ready for you.

Our policy focuses on developing the talents of our young people and identifying them as an integral part of their identity. The projects of student life are becoming more and more developed and as rich as they are diverse.

I salute the team, or I would say the squad team, students and employees alike, for this rich and fulfilling adventure.

In two words: SVE is not a provider of activities, but a movement of values and youth.

Cheers for a new adventure!

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