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65th Beirut Arab International Book Fair

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USJ Open doors

Thursday, December 7, 2023 | From 8:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Sciences and Technology Campus, Mar Roukoz

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Joseph Zaarour Contest for Best Translation 2024

Saturday, January 20, 2024 from 2:30 p.m. till 4:30 p.m at the Campus of Humanities

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USJ achieves its best ranking to date at the World Interuniversities Championships in Paris

Despite the challenging circumstances in Lebanon, Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) delivered exceptional performances at the World Interuniversities Championships held in Paris (olympic city 2024) between November 1 and 5, 2023. The participation of 90 athletes from USJ (the only university representing Lebanon) in the 8th edition of these Championships is a noteworthy accomplishment. Indeed, the dedication to proudly display the Lebanese flag at this annual global event is commendable.

Organized since 2015, the World Universities Championships bring together universities from around the world in a different city each year. A total of 3,254 athletes from 76 universities representing Europe, Asia and Africa gathered in Paris for the 8th edition...Read More

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Eliane Raheb earns the esteemed Golden Fireflies Award (IESAV, 1994)


Eliane Raheb, who graduated from the USJ Institute of Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematic Studies (IESAV) in 1994, received the prestigious Golden Fireflies Award at the Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF) 2023 on November 8. The award acknowledges Raheb’s cinematic work and her artistic career, particularly her poignant exploration of the complexities of wartime history and her dedication to fostering a more just society. In addition to the award, on Monday, November 13, at 8:00 PM, Raheb held a masterclass, moderated by Hady Zaccak, on the creation of documentary portraits. This was a unique chance for film enthusiasts to gain insights into the director’s expertise and personal journey.

The ninth BAFF edition, centered around the theme of freedom, holds particular importance in light of the current situation in Lebanon. Despite the challenges, the festival reaffirms its dedication as a testament of faith in peace, culture and Lebanon’s resilient spirit. With the support of committed partners like Wardé, Association Philippe Jabre, and Instituto Cervantes, BAFF featured a selection of 19 films, 10 speakers, 2 lectures, and an exhibition – all presented at the Béryte Theater on the USJ Humanities Campus.

Born in 1972, just before the Lebanese Civil War, Eliane Raheb has turned her country’s challenges into a wellspring of inspiration for her cinematic work. After earning her degree, she started her career with award-winning short films such as “The Last Screening” (1995) and “Encounter” (1996). Subsequently, she directed documentaries like “Suicide” (2003) and “This is Lebanon” (2008), reaching international audiences. Her debut feature-length documentary, “Sleepless Nights” (2012), received recognition at various festivals, securing five awards. Her latest documentary, “Those Who Remain” (2016), delving into sectarian tensions through the story of a 60-year-old Christian farmer, has been screened at over 20 festivals.

Eliane Raheb goes beyond filmmaking. As a founding member of the “Beirut DC” cinema association, she has led documentary workshops and served as the artistic director of the “Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya” Arab Film Festival for six editions. Raheb perfectly exemplifies how passion and dedication to cinematic art can lead to success. Her inspiring journey highlights the vibrancy and creativity of the Lebanese film community. With talents like hers, the cinematic legacy will undoubtedly continue to thrive.

Mrs. Guillemette HENRY, is elected Director of the Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy

for a first four-year term effective as of September 1, 2023 and until August 31, 2027.

1- How has your professional experience prepared you for your new role?
I had the privilege of joining the Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy at its inception in 1995. Over the years, I progressively assumed increasingly significant responsibilities in the four key areas of teaching, hands-on supervision of students, research, and administrative duties. Collaborating closely with former directors, I gained valuable insights into responsibility, commitment, self-sacrifice, and recognition. Simultaneously, I co-founded Classes Orange, a specialized school catering to children with learning and adaptation difficulties. This dual experience has provided me with a deep understanding of the field. Working seamlessly within a team, I am accustomed to thinking innovatively for the betterment of children and the advancement of our profession.

2- What measures do you believe are essential for a successful start to the new academic year?
Preparation is key; this involves revising syllabuses, recruiting new teachers, and organizing timetables well in advance. As the new academic year commences, effective organization becomes crucial. Our focus is on facilitating the integration of new students into the university environment. To achieve this, the Heads of first-year undergraduates are holding two integration days. Maintaining a positive and forward-thinking attitude is vital to infuse the anticipated dynamism, even amidst Lebanon's persistent challenges. This necessitates a motivated and enterprising team, receptive to addressing personal or financial difficulties. Creating an environment where students feel unwavering support is essential. While upholding high standards, we remain understanding and receptive to everyone's needs, exemplified by our open-door policy, ensuring readiness to provide guidance.

3- What guiding principles will you prioritize in your term of office?
My vision is to foster a strong sense of belonging among students, teachers, and directors of both ISO and USJ. I aim for ISO, and consequently USJ, to make a lasting impact on everyone involved. Encouraging individuals to contribute their best efforts for the betterment of our profession, institute, university, and Lebanon is a central goal. I also aspire for international teaching and research teams to continue seeking our collaboration, fostering collective progress in our field.

4- What is your long-term vision for ISO?
• Upholding the excellence of our training, fostering employment opportunities in Lebanon and abroad, along with an emphasis on expanding postgraduate studies.
• Increasing research efforts to advance clinical practice in Lebanon and internationally, staying abreast of evolving needs through the integration of artificial intelligence.
• Establishing new, high-quality, multidisciplinary care centers to grant underprivileged populations access to top-notch care delivered by our students.
• Ultimately, fostering stronger connections between ISO and the healthcare sector.

5- What are three things that faculty, staff, and students of ISO might not know about you?
In my childhood, my father once thought I was deaf because I couldn't speak. Contrary to that assumption, schoolmistresses noted my active participation, helpful nature, and numerous friends. This early sensitivity to listening and assisting others significantly influenced my career choice and led to my current managerial position.
From a young age, my dream was to become a doctor and work in Africa. Due to a severe health issue, I had to interrupt my studies, opting for a shorter path in speech therapy. Although I initially went on short humanitarian trips to Africa and spent two years in Lebanon, 28 years later, I find myself still here!
I believe I see the world with the eyes of a child. The reflection on water, a sun-kissed blade of grass, a child's smile, or the connection between two people—all marvels of life. I enjoy capturing these moments with my own eyes or through the lens of a camera.

New Issue: "Revue O7 no. 14"

Annual Magazine of Opération 7e jour

This new edition is dedicated to the O7 projects carried out during the 2022-2023 academic year. A total of 37 O7 task forces are actively involved in USJ and HDF institutions, and continue to provide support to Lebanese society in the service of mankind, thanks to the efforts of their leaders and student volunteers. Remember to share it with other readers and to always be ready to take part in volunteering through O7. Happy reading!

150 years… Our roots, our future

USJ Campus safety guide

The following safety instructions are designed to provide you with essential recommendations to ensure the safety of everyone in case of:

  • an attack or potential war risk
  • a fire
  • an earthquake

Consider the present document as a go-to guide offering valuable information to everyone on Campus.

In the event of a security threat, fire or an earthquake, it is crucial to act wisely to ensure your safety and facilitate rescue operations. Time is of the essence.