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Issue N°22 – October 2022

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New releases : Public Servants’ Career in France and Lebanon

Legal Study | 3 volumes by Michel Tabet

The book, La carrière du fonctionnaire en France et au Liban (Étude juridique)*, aims to offer a comprehensive manual for law experts, including judges, lawyers, teachers and senior civil servants, as well as researchers and individuals tasked with designing the necessary reforms for the proper functioning of the public administration.

Drawing on his legal knowledge and professional experience regarding the complex functioning of the Lebanese and French public service, and making the most of his 40-year experience and teaching on both professional and academic levels, the author presents a manual in three volumes. The first volume focuses on the recruitment of civil servants, the second on civil servants on duty, and the last on the end of their career.

Michel Tabet, former President of the Higher Disciplinary Council, Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Saint Joseph University of Beirut, has served the Lebanese Administration for forty years in senior public positions, both in the working administration and in the control bodies. He also taught for forty-five years at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

*English: Public Servants’ Career in France and Lebanon (A Legal Study)

Volume 1
Le recrutement des fonctionnaires | 200,000 L.L.
Volume 2
Le fonctionnaire en service | 240,000 L.L.
Volume 3
La fin de la carrière du fonctionnaire | 200,000 L.L.

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Committed to serving its community since its founding in 1875, USJ is constantly fostering dynamic research dedicated to enhancing academic training, expanding knowledge in a broad range of disciplines, and strengthening innovation initiatives that contribute to meeting the needs of society and developing the nation's economy.

Our main mission is to support, foster and advance excellence in research and innovation. All faculties, with their extensive expertise, are dedicated to the discovery of new knowledge.

USJ is working in close collaboration with a large number of national and international research centers and institutions to address key social challenges: 23 national partners and 48 international partners.