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Following the Beirut Port quasi-atomic explosion on August 4, 2020, USJ and its hospital, Hôtel-Dieu de France, suffered massive damages and launched the “USJ/ HDF Emergency And Solidarity Fund” which combines 4 fundraising campaigns :

“USJ/ HDF Emergency And Solidarity Fund”

« Donate to Educate » : in support of USJ students.

In collaboration with the Fondation USJ and the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations, USJ launched the 2020 Campaign “les uns pour les autres”: Donate to Educate. The goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise 2020 scholarships.

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Emergency Fund for Students Affected by the Beirut Double-Blast Launched by the Fondation USJ and the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations

After the Beirut Port explosion, the urgency has increased exponentially: more than 1,528 students have been affected by the recent events and 125 will require additional financial aid, while the resources of the University are dwindling due to the inflation. The danger of a lost generation is looming. We are hereby launching a call for solidarity. Partner with us to safeguard a plural Lebanon, renowned for its human capital. Earning respectable degrees secures financial autonomy of future citizens, safeguards democracy, and prepares agents of socio-political change.

Our goal is to collect 125 SCHOLARSHIPS to meet urgent needs. Please find below the donation options:

• Sponsor one or more students by paying their tuition fees (1 tuition = $15,000 USD per year and per student).

• Participate in sponsoring part of a student’s tuition fees

« Donate to Heal » : in support of HDF.

Hôtel-Dieu de France, the USJ Hospital, which took in more than 800 wounded on the evening of the explosion, has launched its “Disaster Recovery Plan” and its teams have, as always, been on the front line since the outset, in spite of the material damage suffered at the hospital. Initial estimates for reconstruction work amount to $2,000,000 USD.

Estimates of HDF requirements for 2021 :

• Biomedical equipment: $3,000,000 USD.
• HDF Social Fund (Patient Support): $2,000,000 USD.

« Donate to Rebuild »

Our Campaign “Donate to Rebuild” launched following the Beirut Port explosion, on August 4,  dedicated to the rebuilding and restoration of our 5 Campuses and heritage buildings that were heavily damaged, is still ongoing with a new goal: to cover the costs of the University's infrastructure redevelopment, the laboratory equipment and the renewal of the computer laboratory.

« USJ en mission » : humanitarian project to support disadvantaged families.

More than 300,000 families have been affected by the explosion. This humanitarian project aimed to provide for the needs of 750 families by sending them food boxes and hot meals every month until the end of December 2020. We continue to support the reconstruction works of about 77 houses of USJ students, staff and teachers, located in the affected zone of Beirut.

Project Estimate: $800,000 USD

« Support the USJ Choir » : donate to the USJ Choir

Join our cultural resistance and be a part of keeping alive one of the most fundamental pillars that makes Lebanon the beautiful country we continue to dream of. Donate now and contribute directly to the creation of outstanding performances, inspirational education projects and developing the musicians of the future! Your donation can make a difference.

« Support the Oriental Library » : BO

The Oriental Library is a heritage and research library whose mission is to preserve some 3,700 manuscripts, 250,000 books, 250,000 photographs and 4,000 maps. Supporting the BO is a way to perpetuate the past for the benefit of future generations.